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  • Sorry to see you go Mazz but I understand completely, they are wrecking what was once a pretty good forum. Take care and don't be a stranger. Go Pats!!
    I'll talk about it all day, every day. Seen far too many things in my life that can't be described as anything other than miracles to believe anything else.
    Why anybody would given any consideration to that psycho Commie witch is beyond me...but you always fight the good fight.
    Cooks has question. BUT, does he have Edelman/Dola passion for doing their job? NOPE...those two white doods are on another plane. I like your one of the golden ones. Just sayin.
    Doing good Mazz, thanks for asking. Still don't believe God roots for the Pats over the Steelers... :)
    Mazz, Hope you had a great holiday season & all the best in 2018. I have a feeling you will be celebrating another SB victory. I'd like to see it myself. I appreciate greatness & how difficult it is to capture it.
    And, btw, tell your buddy that I see his comment. And just because I don't follow sheep and the bible but have a social and moral conscience doesn't make me a commie. It just makes me intelligent. And the only thing I get angry about is ignorance cloaking itself in intellect.
    Mazz, you don't have to keep justifying your responses to me in rep. Nor do you have to criticize mine at the same time. I get your responses; you don't seem to get mine.
    Eff that dumb Commie bitch. People like her are always angry, always outraged all the time over everything.
    You're a better person than me. I have zero interest in communicating with the other side, as the other side believes in things like minimizing the 1st and 2nd amendments via judicial activism...and that's just for starters.
    oh he has been pretty good, I wish he came to Boston, Imagine both Kevin and the No. 1 pick plus cap space? oh how I loved Basketball but the game seems to have become an outside game, Big men banging is gone forever. having no dog in the fight, I want GS because Cleveland is our rival.
    Hey Mazz, Just saw these comments. Responding to the religious one. I get the modern interpretation of what went down 2000+ years ago. I think Orthodoxy has stayed true to what the Apostles (who walked with Jesus) taught, more than any other Christian "religion" for lack of another term. it's ancient and steady. No change. That's a good thing. But I was born into this interpretation of how to worship, follow and live life. I dont get the denying full-atonement of Christ on the cross statement. Sorry I didnt see this before.
    Meh, I'm not on here very much, so I don't really care. I hadn't even noticed, but you're right. It's been years!
    It would be nice to have a taller CB, but Butler is so much faster and more instinctive, I think.
    The biggest problem we have in this country with our politicians, and it's been leading up to this for about a decade now, is that there is no compromise, no listening to the other side, no bipartisanship, no reaching across the table. Everything is an extreme. I remember growing up and watching, here in Massachusetts, Ted Kennedy and Tip O'Neill, always on opposite sides of the table, literally reaching across a table and shaking hands on a deal. No big screaming and yelling sessions, no blame sessions, and a handshake sealed the deal. Those days are so long gone that I have realized that this country will never be able to reach compromises again. It's shameful and disheartening beyond belief.
    Thank you. I've been pretty touchy about things the last couple of weeks, so I know I can come off abrasive. You're a good person, and I do respect your opinions.
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