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As quickly as they shipped him overseas when the story hit, you have to think we're being fed a plate of BS.

He's too important to baseball. A mega international superstar.

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Does anyone believe the translator wasn't the fall guy
I actually don't believe Ohtani was personally involved with betting or bankrolling any scheme. But I do believe this perfectly highlights the risk that all pro sports leagues expose themselves to by hopping in to bed with these sports betting companies.

While leagues can control the high-priced talent to a degree, their reach and grasp on the minions or the entourage of said players is further from their control. I fully expect the book to be thrown at the interpreter (Ippei Mizuhara) and it could end up being the best thing for all of the major sports leagues to have a posterchild for the "here's what happens if" you forage down the path of illegal gambling.
All I know is that Sebastian Maniscalco is nuts if he doesn't take this story and squeeze out every possible
angle for Season 2 of Bookie (HBO/Max).

If you haven't seen it, Maniscalco plays a bookie based in LA and it was one of my favorite series of '23. It's
a bit like the fantastic and underrated Brockmeier in style and gives some insight into the world of degenerate sports
gamblers who chose to bet with independent bookies instead of Draftkings and the like.

I don't know if Ohtani knew what was going on or not, but I can believe that when you have hundreds of millions
of dollars to manage I think it is (barely) possible that he doesn't notice 4.5M missing. He's an incredible baseball
player, obviously, but maybe he's an airhead who doesn't care about anything else and the interpreter figured he
could get out of the hole and get away with it before anybody noticed and Ohtani's big fuck up was that he trusted
the guy.

I mean, it's one thing to lose everything you have and more to the point where you are hiding in fear for your life and quite
another to lose a tiny fraction of your net worth.......or better yet somebody else's.