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  • Thanks Hawg, glad to hear he's out there somewhere. Like to hope he can continue KJR somehow. And Anything you can link us to....

    I am looking forward to it.I had always hoped that BB would keep coaching for awhile longer and shut up stupid volume stat Shula in the Win category. I've always thought Shula as a HC=Manning as a QB. Not only lots of stats but not that many championships, and his being a part of why there aren't those championships. Also both of their having assistance from the "Rules Committee" and untarnished reputations despite some shadiness.
    Makes me sad, too, Hawg. And the disconnect from the natural world is resulting in atrocities like little hoodlums knocking down ancient rock formations such as just happened in England and writing their names on prehistoric rock paintings. The sensitivity to and appreciation of nature and its wonders is an irredeemable loss.
    Seems more and more people are breaking their enchantment Didn't the doc say only 50,000 Scientologists at last count? Of course the how many billions in assets they have will keep growing as they buy up real estate around the world. Time for IRS (please not to mention that name) to step in and re-evaluate their tax exempt status. That would go far toward shutting down the carnival, esp if it were made retroactive. Hubbard was right: if you wanna get rich, start a religion.
    Just watched "Going Clear" at your suggestion. Absolutely horrifying. I still don't get the fundamental puzzlement for me: how can otherwise intelligent people abandon any semblance of free will, much less common sense, to become ensnared in these operations. Why would a mother accept being labeled a "Subversive Person" as a real thing instead of simply telling the Scientologists to shove it? The mentality of all the people shown in the cult docs I watched are identical: whatever the Top Dude is saying is Universal Truth, no matter what it may cost them in terms of self-respect or plain ol love for themselves and their families. I don't get it, but obviously there is something fundamental going on here that appeals to a whole bunch of people.
    Jack, you know your shit when it comes to O-line. I imagine you played the position at some point. You're like Edith Hudson on the topic, when you speak, people listen. Regarding Thuney, do you think he was flagged due to being a rookie, "He cant be that good as a rookie, he must be holding."? Once he clocks a few Pro Bowls and gets a reputation among the refs, do you think it will change to, "He's a Pro Bowler, so I doubt he was actually holding."? I'm glad he learned under Scar. The foundation is there regardless of who is his coach in the future. Who is Jerry picking in the draft. He's like Ms. Cleo when it comes to reading BB's mind on this. You must be so proud of your little bro.
    Thanks. This one sucked. Such greed on their end. To earn $1.8 Billion per month and still have your hand out for concessions? I'll be sour for a long time over this one. Seems mediation worked and somewhat agreed with my feeling.
    Any normal business would be ecstatic over revenues like that, offer performance bonuses, and keep their workforce happy and proud.
    That's hilarious. I can just see his little smirk when he was saying it, too. Jerry must go to sleep at night with a smile on his face knowing he gets to talk to the people he only dreamed of talking to a few short years ago. AND they know his name!!! lol
    I'm no pit architect, but I've seen more than my fair share and most fail after subject to use over a few years. I think the root cause in most is not using fire rated block/brick in the actual exposed area to the flame.
    Sounds like you want to invest in not your run of the mill version and if so I know you'd like it to stand the test of time and Mother Natures miracle of fire.
    Might not be a bad idea to go to a block company or landscape supply and inquire about what are the most common components people by for a pit to last.
    It seems like a real conundrum to me and I still can't find exactly what I want. I'm worried about air flow, because you're supposed to fill right up to the bottom of the ring with gravel and to protect the cast stone. I'm still undecided. I might just pull an old rock wall apart and use a sledgehammer to try and shape the stones to make a decent circle. It's driving me crazy and I'm not sure if I want to spend 300 bucks to have a 14" deep 36" fire ring shipped although it seems like much better quality than the 6 to 8" ones I've been seeing. Then I get to spend another two bills for cast stone. Gah. I'll figure it out, but there is a lot more to it than I thought. Sounds like you know a bit about the topic.
    Didn't think you were going full bore with the iron fire ring. That will definitely work, but keep your space gap around the ring.

    Also, make sure you have air flow low in the pit, especially if it's somewhat deep. Nothing worse than a fire that won't breathe well and the log smolders and smokes horribly. Air flow. Hot fire. Less smoke. Sounds awesome though!
    It's so different now. I'm more old school, King George, George Jones, even some Garth. I loved old Blake Shelton stuff, too. I can't get into this new pop country shit, though. What happened to banjoes, mandolins, and steel and slide guitars???? Except for Miranda, who is spectacular no matter what she does. That girl is my hero!
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