Start a Rumor!

Dom Capers has been sitting next to a fax machine since January 2000, waiting for the contract Bob Kraft told him he was sending over to finalize his becoming the HC of the NEP.
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Jerod Mayo has been interviewing candidates for the Patriots Offensive Coordinator job, but that's just a
fogbank to cover up his real intention.

He's going to hire Steve Burton to be our new offensive mastermind and Stevie is coming in ready
to kick some ass and steal some souls.

okay...based on where I am I know this is a stupid question but is there a line anywhere :shrug-n: ?
The Glory Hole would be a good name for AT&T actually. Things come in and the Cowboys suck so... :shrug-n: ?
I actually don't think it would take much of a campaign for us to turn that nickname into a reality. Let's do this, you guys!
The Patriots have offered ME the OC job
my 3 years in pop warner really impressed them :coffee: