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  • re: your point in the "voluntary" lockdown thread to my comment that it should be changed to involuntary lockdown,"That would belong in the P&R cesspool. Please keep such commentary away from people who prefer not to have that discussion."
    I will respect your point, and not comment on that further in this thread, but the fact is that it is not a voluntary lockdown, it is de jure. It saddens me that even making that comment of fact will upset some people, but so be it.
    I dislike extremism on both sides. I'm still optimistic that cooler heads will eventually prevail and we can somehow get back the art of compromise. I truly believe that there are good points to be taken from both sides of the political spectrum. I cannot and will not understand the Trump support. I've stopped judging Trump and now turned my judgement to those who blindly support him. To me, it speaks to something dark in the Trump cult that is more interested in pissing off those that don't but into their beliefs above simple decency.

    Sadly, It's where we are at.
    I was getting nervous here. I'm more centered, but right-leaning - old age probably has moved me more to the right, but the Trump phenomena has me looking longingly back to the left
    O.Z.O. has no filter or self-control and it would be a boon to all of us for you muzzle him. It's not his opinions; it's his violently hateful expressions of them that are so upsetting and inappropriate.
    Why was the Alexandria Ocasio cortez thread locked or could you tell me who locked it so I can ask them?
    I gotta think that not that many people on the Board are actually old enough to have seen all the games. I did think that people like Hawg and MePatNut would want to throw in their 2 cents worth. The people that didn't check in until the Rams SB missed a lot of the early days.
    Need to congratulate you on raising your children with the proper values. My fave T-shirt says "Life Is A Series Of Cats" and that's sure true for me. Our current old lady is also 15 which works out to being about my age in cat years. Hard to watch them in decline, but she is teaching me the proper attitude about aging: she doesn't seem to give a hoot.
    Thanks, Brian. I figured I might get a "vacation" because of it, but I can't take it anymore. I'm sure someone will copy and send it to her. Such a dbag.
    I was hoping you would be next. But better this way. Now at least there's someone who can counter her insanity.
    I have barely been around because of the same thing. Hope you're well. Haven't seen you much on FB, either.
    I'm a Mainer so would go to what I know. More power to you hon. You are right it is the same thing just different place.
    for people who are supposed to love thy neighbor they sure are judgmental and far from understanding imo and that is just what makes it even more so full of hypocrisy
    again man it is not what I am talking about, its the perception that some of these people who have actually met him take this shit lightly enough to crack jokes. its sickening to me as a human being point blank.
    well I MISSED U but figured out work was killin' & your MB jones was just chillin' so I left U alone....didn't even turn off 126S on our way to Woonsocket a few Friday's ago to rattle your front door :D
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