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    Name your five favorite non-reality TV shows that are in first run right now

    Secret girlfriend. Californication. Fringe. The office. 30 rock
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    I especially liked ted ginn camping out on revis island. I mean revis only had 2 safeties over the top on that play so what can you expect? Posted via Mobile Device
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    Josh Beckett suspended 6 games

    Coming from the same fans that agreed with Manny for complaining whenever a pitch was above belt high. complete busch league by beckett. Oh wait you've forgotten Manny you know the guy that won you 2 titles
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    OT - 'Cuse over UCONN in 6 OT's!!!!!!!

    I had several other Cuse fans over last night and the emotional swings exhausted me as a fan. I can't imagine how Flynn feels after logging 67 minutes. From "why don't they ever call fouls on Thabeet" to "What a shot by Devo" to "Aw crap it's no good" to "Who is that walk-on" to "Are you...
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    Enjoy Your Gift Steelers Fans...You gotta review that pass/fumble!!!!!

    Also there was an unsportsmanlike penalty on the steelers after the fumble which would have given Arizona the ball at around the 30 had the call been reversed. While I think the correct call was made, to not review it in the final seconds of the Super Bowl is unacceptable.
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    OT: Official College Basketball Thread

    just curious but is he hated everywhere as much as he is in syracuse? I'm going to the SU Notre Dame game on the 17th and I expect nothing but a chorus of 30,000 boos if Vitale is introduced. Outside of the ACC I can't see him being very popular.
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    OT: Official College Basketball Thread

    Can't wait for Davidson at Duke on Wednesday night
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    Where Do You Visit The Planet From?

    I have to admit I have, even though my computer is nowhere near the bathroom. Sometimes you have to just let it go.
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    Loch Ness Monster in New England?

    Never had smoked sturgeon though it sounds tasty. I thought I saw Champy once, but it was just a log. Things always look alot bigger after a 12 pack. (Input sexually degrading comment here)
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    Loch Ness Monster in New England?

    Very unmotivated
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    Loch Ness Monster in New England?

    My life's goal is to catch one and ride it to the bottom. Saw it on a fishing show once.
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    Loch Ness Monster in New England?

    Soom parts are extremely deep, and there are underwater caves throughout. BTW....great fishing!!!!
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    Bengals sign Carson Palmer's little bro

    Didn't Jordan Palmer win American Idol last year?
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    Classless Cheaters never prosper- Super. Bowl. Karma.

    The Pats don't possibly stand a chance against a team that has won 10 straight on the road. And wouldn't it happen that the Giants are the visiting team. Why even play? Giants 57 Pats 3