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  • Sorry Dwight

    Just wondering why we (myself included) keep responding to the relentless horseshit which mrnfl keeps posting. Working on the art of ignoring him but ...

    FYI - Vagisil is not a lubricant; it is an antiseptic.. . but maybe that's what you were going for.
    Sorry Dwight. Imagine a real GUY almost 73 who never heard of CU Next Typhoon hair
    I was being sarcastic, but thanks anyway for the clever clarification!
    As I like to say... Since the dawn of time, Boy scout camp is where prepubescent and early adolescent boys spend their summer learning silly sex jokes.
    Yes I guessed you were reasonable. And I guess you realize that what I was doing, was working on my passive-aggressive messaging skills. :coffee:

    Cheers, :toast:
    The thing of it is, as I progress into better muscular fitness, the lactic acid soreness is 10 times worse than it used to be before I had to take statins. I need to push my body harder than ever and logic tells me that this is a way to maximize the training effect that can lead to being more cardiovascular fitness. It's not all that unlike Brady trying to stay on the field when his chronological peers are long retired. Rage against the dying of the light and all that.
    D, when you listed your fitness activities sprinting stuck out to me. I also belong to gym & lift, certainly not at the level you participate I'm sure, & I do mid to long distance running. M-F 5-7 miles & 13-16 on Saturday. Getting into serious cycling this spring. No running on Sunday. Anyway I'm wondering about the positive effects of sprinting. Maybe you can give some advise.
    The only thing I said about Jimmy was that he was struggling in TC and he was by his own admission. He is not a very good practice player and that is what I was pointing out not that he sucked or that BB should have traded him although I really did want that overall #12 from the Browns. Ha, ha.
    Thank you! I thought I did a real funny and NOBODY seemed to notice. You've restored the faith. Cheers
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