Daily Dopamine Dump

Please can we stop the stupid practice of blaming anything we don't like on a political agenda.

I don't do that.

In this case it is accurate. Do a search with an open mind.

Also, have a nice day.
I don't know where to put his, but since it started off with a little dopamine for me after we just watched our baby daughter graduate I thought I would leave it here.

Of course, by the time Jerry was done with me it was causing quite a stabbing pain in my throat and my eyes to leak. No noises though. The wife has magic ears and I don't need to hear her telling our friends (again) how her tough husband is soft and mushy. Because I am not, dammit. 🙄

I smile every evening as Optimus Prime keeps watch so he can yell "Get Off My Lawn you f'n Coyotes!"


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