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  • Happy Birthday FT, Hopes it's been a great one. Good to see around a tad more the past few days.

    Cheers, :toast: BostonTim
    :dbanana: :party: :thumb: :high: :celebrate:

    Cheers friend, :toast: BostonTim

    thanks I try to dumb it down
    Hey FT, This is my apologetic reply from your shout-out a month ago. I noticed a visitor message back then and clicked on it. But before I looked at it I hit some key or something and it disappeareed. I clicked on my user CP figuring I could find it there, but I couldn't.

    Today I clicked on my own name, and up came my friends and my visitor messages.

    So now I know "Who was that masked-man?"

    I am so useless on computers. Oh well.

    Anyway - Hello back and what's new?

    Merry Christmas Happy New Year.

    could be worse.....I could be dead but then where would I be?.....not answering your kind inquiry of outreach&friendship that's where.....then you'd be left wondering who the F does he think he is??..... not answering me, the f*** :cuss: ROFL

    hope all iz well w/ U&yours :) :thumb:
    Hello neighbor!
    And Happy Birthday right back atcha, Dude!! (only missed the best day by one!)
    I'm good except that I have to have my full out yearly bloodwork done in 2 hours. I hate that. How are you?
    Thanks for the add Tilt.
    Thanks for the friend request tilt.

    You have the same B-day as me mum....
    Happy birthday, man.
    TYVM 4 your Bday wish, fulltilt :thumb:----U my RealDoll Guru U :D
    Still working on it..
    yeh, i ain't really bad, havn't used all this visitor message shit begore
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