Pats sign WR Nelson Agholor

900 yds last year, 25% is YAC, 113 Passer Rating when targeted, 4.42 speed is fast enough.
Great route runner.
I'll take him.
I've got a good buddy from Philly and we watch the Eagles a fair bit. He hated Agholor (did I mention he's from Philly?) and the knock on him was that he dropped too many catchable balls. He didn't look like much to me, but I might've been influenced.

However, I definitely noticed a different looking dude in Oakland and his stats from this year have a few career outliers. 18.7 YPC and 10.9 yards per target were his best and better than any of our regular WRs. Maybe he's started to figure some shit out. I would've preferred some of the other guys out there, but he's definitely an upgrade for us.

I doubt we've ever signed more FA talent in any one season than we did today.