The Cover Is Better Than The Original Version

Song: Can't Help Falling In Love

Original Artist: Elvis Presley

Cover Artist: Arlo Guthrie

Song: Shambala

Original Version: B. W. Stevenson

Cover Version: Three Dog Night

I slightly prefer the TDN cover, but both are good.
That was entertaining as heck. Thanks.
You're welcome. I come back to that one by Arlo every now and then when I start to wonder whether all the time I have devoted listening to music has been time well spent.

And, indeed, it has been.
Song: Done Somebody Wrong

Original Artist: Elmore James

Cover Artist: The Allman Brothers

Song: Angel From Montgomery

Original Artist: John Prine

Cover Artist: Bonnie Raitt

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Song: This Magic Moment

Original Artist: The Drifters

Cover Artist: Jay And The Americans

Really close, but I very slightly prefer the cover.
Song: Carolina In My Mind

Original Artist: James Taylor

Cover Artist: Alison Krauss

Two outstanding versions of one wonderful song.
Song: These Days

Original Artist: Jackson Browne

Cover Artist: Gregg Allman

Song: Who Do You Love

Original Artist: Bo Diddley

Cover Artist: George Thorogood & The Destroyers

Song: Desperado

Original Artist: Eagles

Cover Artist: Linda Ronstadt

The original version by the Eagles is more than decent - one of my all-time favorites by them.

But sometimes, when Linda does a song, she just owns it.

As she does here.