The Cover Is Better Than The Original Version

Song: Tracks Of My Tears

Original Artist: Smokey Robinson And The Miracles

Cover Artist: Linda Ronstadt

Check out her smile at the 3:30 mark. She knows she just nailed that take.

Lovely smile. Lovely lady.

Song: Everybody's Talkin'
Original Artist: Fred Neil

Cover Artist: Harry Nilsson

Cover Artist: Tonic

I heard Tonic's version on the radio today - quite nice.
Song: Sweet Jane
Original Artist: Lou Reed
Cover Artist: Willie Nile

Here's another cover of Sweet Jane, this time by Willie Nile.

I've previous posted some Willie Nile songs in the Nostalgic Music thread.

Willie can really get after it on the guitar. For a good example, follow the link above and listen to "Sing Me A Song" (give it a chance - it starts off slowly and builds up a head of steam).
There is a story about one of my favorite artists, Ryan Adams, that belongs in this thread.

I don't really know if it was from the same show as the clip I posted, but he was doing a one somewhere and was
talking to the audience and asked for some requests and the following convo took place.

Dude: Can you play the summer of '69 for me?

RA: you think that I'm actually BRYAN Adams?

Dude: You mean you're not?

RA: No. Hey how much did you pay for your ticket?

Dude: It was like thirty bucks

RA: Hey, I got you covered. Give me a second. You got the wrong show, man.

At this point Ryan takes his wallet out, counts out 30 and instructs people to pass the refund back to the kid, which they do

RA: Sorry for the mix-up, I'm surprised it doesn't happen more often. careful on your way home..

Now the crowd is laughing and kid is really embarrassed and gets up to leave the theater. He gets almost to the door and Adams starts
feeling bad and calls the guy back and now the people are going nuts encouraging him to come back and back he comes. Ryan wings a
cover of the request which is not unusual since he is pretty much the king of covers including an un-ironic cover of Taylor Swift's entire
"1989" album. People thought that the mercurial Adams was making fun of her, but he said he thinks she is a genius. I'll include one of
my favorites from that one, too. Enjoy.