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  • Darryl...was thinking today when I ran across an old thread you wrote how much it sucks that you haven't been around. Don't know what happened or why you took a hiatus but I hope you and yours are doing well and hope that whatever it is you come back someday...soon. I miss seeing you around and miss your takes on things! :)
    Just saw your name at the bottom & thought i would say hi. Hope you had a good holiday season. I don't post as much as I once did so I'm glad I caught you today.
    Very Odd that you are having problems logging in. I also went about 4 months without being able to log into the site for some reason, but it has seemed to have cleared up over the last week or 2. In any case I don't really come to the site much more myself which is fine by me. I'll PM you my Facebook Page if you're interested....
    Hey man it really sucks to see you not here any more. You are one of the few posters here who actually made good, quality posts and made us think. You'll be missed, buddy.
    you mean like he did against the Reds? Some guys fold, some guys are made of different stuff. I think Halladay falls into the latter category.
    Thats not even what I was saying. I commented on what I think schefter was trying to say. I understand the obvious weird wording, thats not even what I was talking about. I hate message boards cause this kind of confusion happens.
    Yeah I don't want to be sent on a mod-vacation just to tell him what I think of him. I hope he's not as horrible in real life as he is on here. Hypocrite, overly sensitive, tattletale, unprovoked namecalling, lack of any semblance of logic,not bright, can't pick up jokes or sarcasm etc. etc. I'm very sorry he's still here when quality posters like Clare, Os, Shirtsleeve, LVent etc aren't around anymore. The fact Leon Powe tweaks him like crazy is one of the main reasons I "like" his persona; though, I agree with you that Leon HAS to be an alter ego or something.
    Meh, it's that pic of the hella fat kid wearing that shirt. I'm sure you've seen it, tmack had it for awhile.
    Oh. There's a dude that is friends with us PP'ers over there and we have no clue who it is, lol.
    I'm glad to see you back DS. I don't know what happened & don't care. All I know is that you were missed around here. Whether I agree or disagree with all you posts does not matter because I always enjoy reading them.
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