How much did Buffalo give Harris because I would have much rather just kept him around.
I like it. A 65/35 platoon with Stevenson gives little away pre-snap. Both can run between the tackles and catch the ball. Each is a threat in the up close RZ. Stevenson stays fresh for the playoffs.

1 year? Fine. If he looks great after 8-9 games extend him another year.

Yeah, I said playoffs!
Low risk and potential bang with this signing, and we have nothing to lose because we have plenty of cap space… let’s hope he works out.
I like the signing, he and Stevenson should make an excellent 1-2 punch, especially in the red zone where it's badly needed.
Harris already with a knee injury and missing time for the Jills.
It’s $6 million for one year.

Edit: it’s worth up to $6 mil with incentives