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Damien Harris signs with Bills.

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If this was posted in another thread, too bad. It needs it's own thread.

It always sucks to lose a good player.. But to lose him to a division rival, really hurts. Harris was a good player and a good teammate.
He signs a 1 year deal with the Bills. I don't know how much he got, but it seems that we could have offered him something reasonable.
So now we get to see him play against us twice a year.

Ireland - Grand Slam Champions - Rugby 6 Nations Championship

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Unreal scenes. Ireland have won the Six Nations Rugby Championship for only the 4th time since 1883!

We did it by beating England on St. Patricks Weekend; you cannot plan it better than that! The scenes in Dublin are unreal.

Screenshot 2023-03-18 at 19.06.03.png

Patriots sign Chris Board, a special teams player singled out for praise by Bill Belichick - ProFootballTalk

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Patriots Release Jalen Mills (Re-Signed Later for $6M)

Mike Gesicki agrees to deal with Patriots - ProFootballTalkmike-gesicki-agrees-

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We got JuJu!

Rodgers to the Jets

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He's confirmed to McAfee...Says the Jets and Packers are working out the deal and he wants to play in New York.



Jakobi Meyers to the Raiders

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Not too excessive, money-wise at $11M a year....that is below his estimated market value prior to this. Have the Pats made a mistake in not matching this?


Jon Jones stays with Patriots

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Just saw that Jon Jones is signing a 2 year deal to stay with the Patriots.
Those of you who tweet with Twitter should be able to find this.
I understand he signed for less to stay.

Jonnu Smith traded to ATL

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Breaking. For a 7th rounder...


Enjoy Retirement, DMac!

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Thanks for the memories!

My grades on the Patriots' 2023 draft

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As my comments will be as accurate as 99.99999999% of people who grade the draft before the picks have played an NFL down, here goes.

Pick 1: Yet a-bloody gain they ignore (insert name of any number of future Pro Bowl WRs) to take an injury prone smurf at Corner, because he shows "good intangibles". Loves his mum and goes to Church. Whoop-dee-doo.

Pick 2: 260 lb O lineman, who played one down in HS and hasn't played since. However, he's "wicked smaht". That's alright, then. We whiff on 5 future Pro Bowl tackles as Mac Jones retires in his 3rd season, having been sacked 1,000 times.

Pick 3 (trade down to 7th round): Shifty slot WR. Unheralded etc. All-Pro.

Ban gomezcat.

Brady retires

The Patriots 2023 Off Season

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The Pats waste no time. Big changes are coming for the coaching staff and the players. Let's get this right!


Hadn't thought of Charlie Weis, Jr. but his aggressive offense at Ole Miss under Lane Kiffin has changed that team's fortunes.
I notice he left out Chad O'Shea who spent 10 years coaching the Pats' offense.

The 2023 Playoffs

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Needed to get this going.


Gronk hanging on to his playing days


I've got SF vs KC in the SB and SF winning it.

The NFL 2023 Draft

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It's that time of year again so let's get this party started. Needs: CB1, OT, FS, WR1, DT and more.

Here's a good place to begin. Pats have the 14th pick and will have a chance to get a great player to fill 1 of those positions.

2023 NFL Draft Big Board: B/R NFL Scouting Dept.'s End-of-Season Top 150​



The Patriots 2023 draft

1st Round pick (14th)
2nd Round pick
3rd Round pick
4th Round pick 3picks
6th Round pick 4 picks
7th Round pick

New England has some draft...

Black Monday 2023 edition

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Lovie Smith is one & done in Houston

The New Look 2023 Patriots®

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Well, it wasn't 1990 but it was still a season to dis-remember.

That said, I expect 2023, with nice mid-round draft picks and plenty of FA $$$, I expect changes in 2023 on a level to make the 2000-to-2001 offseason look like same old, same old.

New coordinators (Can Joe Judge go back to STs please)
More assistant/position coaches
New OTs (and an OG)
New TE to pair with Hunter Henry
P & PK
If not Jakobi Meyers, then WHO?
A pair of DTs who can tackle like the Jag's DTs handled Derrick Henry
Did I mention an ST coach who understands the concept of lane discipline?????

What have I left out?

*would be nice to focus on the future and not constant "Belichick sucks and here's all the things that didn't work out in the past."

You know, think "We're on to 2023.

Bills safety Damar Hamlin collapsed on the field, was administered CPR

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Alaina GetzenbergESPN

CINCINNATI -- Bills safety Damar Hamlin collapsed on the field, was administered CPR and then was taken by ambulance to a local hospital, where he is in critical condition, according to the NFL, which postponed the game between Buffalo and the Cincinnati Bengals on Monday night.

In a chilling scene that grounded to a halt the showdown between two of the NFL's best teams, CPR was administered to Hamlin on the field for multiple minutes after he collapsed following a play in the first quarter. He received oxygen, according to the ESPN broadcast, as he was placed in the ambulance and taken off the field some 16 minutes after he collapsed and driven to University of Cincinnati Medical Center.

"Hamlin received immediate medical attention on the field by...

Positions to Upgrade in the Off-Season

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There’s still an outside shot the Pats make the playoffs and I hope it happens, but in either case this team has areas of personnel improvement, not to mention on the coaching staff.

Which areas warrant an upgrade in the off-season via FA or Draft?

A couple thoughts:
  • OLine was a disaster both in talent and coaching. Need to fix this first because there is no passing game without pass protection.
  • I personally think the defense still needs to fix MLB and NT for a more solid run defense. Also needs to get a stud FS to replace DMcCourty in the pass-happy NFL.
  • I know people want to keep chasing WRs but we saw how it was a waste of a trade and draft pick with Parker and Thornton. This team already has too many underused pass-catchers in Agholor, Parker, Thornton, Meyers, Bourne, Henry, Jonnu Smith, and Mondre/Harris. I hate the risky, inefficient vertical offense, and would rather the Pats spread the ball around to 8 receivers a game via quick passes, high...