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Peyton, Brady, Mac and Greatness

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The debate raged for years during the most bitter and beautiful rivalry I've seen in professional football, who was better Manning or Brady. The focus was mainly on the players to a good degree as it should be but there many other factors that play into this debate

I have heard many wonder if Peyton would have been considered far greater than Tom had he had a great defense.

I think not.

From seeing it up close and personal for over 20 years I think it is the fundamental difference is in organizational philosophy, not just the defense.

The team of Kraft and Hoodie are second to none in NFL history. This organization just bleeds and breeds success flowing from its fundamental principles.

Bill, I assert afforded Brady the environment, coaches, and direction to develop and he handled him to perfection, it's what he does, gets the most out of all his players.

That takes nothing away from Tom cuz it was on him to develop in that situation. It was his heart, fire, and driven...

Upgrades to Gillette this year.

Pregame thread - Patriots vs Washington (Preseason game 1) Thursday, 8/12/21, 7:30pm

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I know it's a bit early for a game Thread, but I'm more excited for preseason this year than ever. And I saw Rivera said he is playing the starters.


Bobby Bowden passes away at 91 years old.

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I only make this thread because of the memories I have because of this man. Yes he was the coach of the college that I loved. And most times celebrity deaths don't move the needle for me. This one hits different due to the fact that my Dad loved this man. And I can't remember Bobby without remember my dad and tons of Saturdays sitting with him watching the Noles play. RIP Bobby Bowden.

OrangeMane has ceased operations

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I thought this was worthy of its own thread as many of us over the years used to visit the Mane because the Bronco posters there were so off the wall crazy. It was a pretty rowdy place back when they signed Manning and Brady and Manning were facing off every year and in the playoffs. The creator (Taco John) has closed the site apparently due to the political stuff being too tough to moderate. His farewell is below. This is unfortunate as many of the posters there just posted about the Broncos and never visited the political side but he just could not manage it anymore. Probably a good reminder to us to try to keep the political side sane so UT does not burn out and shut us down.

The Orange Mane has suspended operations.

Hey all -

What a ride this has been. I always wondered, back in the early days whether this would make it to 2021, twenty years after I started this. This year was always the year that was in my head given...

Crypto currency

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There has been a thread about this in the political forum, but it's not necessarily a political topic. It was suggested to have a more general thread to discuss it.

It's a topic that is gaining more and more interest so it would be good to have at least a thread for it. Hell, if there is enough, we could have a subforum.

As with any topic, posters have varying levels of experience, so I for one am looking forward to learning more and fooling around with it with money I can afford to lose.

Standard disclaimers apply here. Everything posted here is opinion only, and not to be taken as financial advice, investment advice, or legal advice. If you invest based on anything you read in this thread or on the whole board for that matter, you accept that all the risk is yours and yours alone.

So... Do you invest in crypto? And if so, what do you like?

It's Better to Be Feared: The New England Patriots Dynasty and the Pursuit of Greatness

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Over two unbelievable decades, the New England Patriots were not only the NFL’s most dominant team, but also—and by far—the most secretive. How did they achieve and sustain greatness—and what were the costs?
In It's Better to Be Feared, Seth Wickersham, one of the country’s finest long form and investigative sportswriters, tells the full, behind-the-scenes story of the Patriots, capturing the brilliance, ambition, and vanity that powered and ultimately unraveled them. Based on hundreds of interviews conducted since 2001, Wickersham’s chronicle is packed with revelations, taking us deep into Bill Belichick’s tactical ingenuity and Tom Brady’s unique mentality while also reporting on their divergent paths in 2020, including Brady’s run to the Super Bowl with the Tampa Bay Buccaneers. Raucous, unvarnished, and definitive...

Publishing date is Oct. 12. I'd rather get it first hand than read media takes so I've ordered it and I'll give a report....

Belichicodered Press Conference: 2021 OTA edition

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It's been a while since I did one of these things. The Belichicoder, (for those unfamiliar) is a patented device which can interpret the words of Bill Belichick as if he were really speaking the truth, needed a critical part replaced and due to Covid complications the factory just gave me excuses until, finally, those dried up too and I got the BC like running like a swiss watch again. So, here we go......

Patriots Head Coach Bill Belichick

Press Conference
June 10, 2021

BB: I think that since we last saw each other we’ve seen a lot of changes. Tom won another Super Bowl, we no longer have to wear masks and I basically killed Free Agency and the Draft. I’m sure we’ll get into all of those things in more depth as the season approaches, but for now think we’ll just go over the usual clichés in a random fashion to help warm you people up for the season.

So, ummm....uhhhh, (snort) here goes: grinding, learning, improving one day at a time, moving forward, situational...

2021 draft. Round 7 pick 242 Patriots select WR Tre Nixon

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Not much on Nixon.

SUMMARY: Tre Nixon had a productive prep career at Viera High School (50 miles outside of Orlando) and set school records for receiving yards (1,243) and touchdown catches (18) as a senior. A four-star recruit, he signed with Ole Miss (over Alabama and Georgia) and spent two years in Oxford before transferring closer to home at UCF. Nixon started 27 consecutive games before a broken left collarbone in the 2020 season opener sidelined him for six games, disrupting his senior season. Nixon is a savvy pass-catcher who works towards the void and wins with body position in coverage. Though he is a smooth strider, he doesn’t play loose, and his game lacks explosive elements. He can climb the ladder and secure throws away from his body, but 13 drops over the last three seasons is a concerning number. Overall, Nixon’s speed is more build-up than instant, but he tempos his routes and attacks the catch point with attitude, which could earn him an NFL roster spot.

2021 draft. Round 6 pick 188 Patriots select S Joshuah Bledsoe

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STRENGTHS: Muscular frame with solid thickness…patient at the top of routes with the smooth movement skills to react with receivers…hits another gear when he drives on throws…plays with timing, regardless of whether he locates the football or not…doesn’t panic and clobber receivers with his back to the line of scrimmage…competes with an aggressive mindset, flying downhill as a run defender…communicates well pre-snap, getting teammates lined up…likes to mix things up with receivers…durable and started every game the last two seasons, playing nickel and safety.

WEAKNESSES: Wide, choppy pedal and will get turned the wrong way…when he false-steps, it can often be a death sentence…combinations will catch him offbalance in zone…reacts quickly, but doesn’t consistently anticipate the route path…will arrive too hot as a downhill run defender and make tackle attempts more difficult than they need to be…streaky pursuit angles…physical striker, but needs to be more fundamentally...

2021 Draft round 4, Patriots select Rhamondre Stevenson # 120

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Stevenson is here!

2021 Draft: Patriots 3rd round pick Ronnie Perkins Pick 96

2021 Draft: Round 2 Patriots Select Barmore with the 38th Pick!

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Another 'Bama player.

2021 draft. Round 1 pick 15 Patriots select QB Mac Jones!

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Name your favorite movie of all time

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Might be fun to see what everyone likes.
Name your favorite movie. ONE movie. Not a list.... and add comments about it if so inclined.

MIne: The Shawshank Redemption. Without question one of the great films. Plus I love Morgan Freeman......

Does Trevor Lawrence have the Mentality of a Champion?

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I am sure most have heard or read Trevor Lawrence's recent quotes about his approach to football where he said he didn't have a chip on his shoulder and his father said that football is not the most important thing to him and that he is not a guy that wants to win the SB at all costs. Wanted to see what people thought of his mentality and if it would concern you if the Patriots were the team taking him at #1 and not the Jags.

Trevor Lawrence's balanced approach to football coupled with Urban Meyer's fanaticism will make for quite a show in NFL​

In a Sports Illustrated cover story that sent draft fans into a tizzy, the Clemson star revealed a grounded and perspective-based ethos when it comes to winning in the NFL — namely while it is very, very, important, it’s not going to consume him.

“It’s hard to explain that because I want people to know that I’m...

Broncos' Players Vote To Skip OTAs; Other Teams Joining Them

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Citing COVID concerns, the Broncos' players like the prospect of a prolonged vacation. The NFLPA is flexing on behalf of its union members. It's their right.
In their statement they said the quality of play last year (with skipped off season) was better than ever across the league. I take issue with that.
I'd also point out significant injuries were up 16% in the NFL in 2020 due in large part to not enough run up to playing games.
So far Tampa Bay and Seattle have joined the Broncos in opting out of OTAs.
Patriots? Practice makes perfect. Mask up.




Jules is released, expected to retire

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Edelperson cut. REALLY sucks his Pats career ended in this fashion. Nothing but love for everything he gave the franchise!

Patriots cut Edelman with failed physical designation

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49ers trade up, move to the 3 spot in draft

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Sent Miami 3 first round picks and a 3rd ... huge price to pay to move up ... wonder if they tried to make a deal with the jets first... if so, and they didnt bite, darnold's days are done in ny

Jimmy might get cut loose, most likely next season... can we stand one more year of cam?

Pats sign another dependable special teamer

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