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Patriots sign CB Terrence Mitchell

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We have signed CB Terrence Mitchell from Houston.

Shaq mason traded to Bucs

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Only got a 5th back.

Winovich traded to Cleveland

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We get LB Mack Wilson in the trade.

Wilson is another Bama boy.

Slates also returning!

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Delighted. My favourite Patriot, maybe of all time.

One year deal. $2.62M guaranteed.

McCourty back

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Devin back for 1 year 9 million. Love it.

KVN gone!

Farewell JC Jackson! To the Bolts - $82.5M!

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Bleacher Report says he's hitting FA, we're not using the Franchise tag on him.

Targeting: WR

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We have the two general 2022 threads, but I thought we could have specific threads dedicated to specific team needs.

  • Which guys are signed for 2022, at what cap numbers?
  • Which Patriots 2021 players are FAs?
  • If they don't fill the spot well, how can they compensate with scheme or other alternatives?
  • Who are the interesting available free agents? Any potential cap casualties at the position that might add to the pool?
  • What do draft options look like?
  • Are there trade options available?

Starting with everyone's faaaaavorite topic, WR!

Signed for 2022:
Agholor @14.9
Bourne @6.4
Harry @3.2
Wilkerson @0.8
Nixon @0.7

Unsigned for 2022:
Slater, Meyers, and Ozl...Oshe...Olscz....Friggin' Gunnah! Not really counting Slater & Gunner.

So, we can probably all agree that we need to assume that as it stands we don't have a true #1 WR. Is it theoretically possible that Harry suddenly becomes the guy they thought he could be when they picked him...

What's your GM philosophy?

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Stemming from some of the discussion around the Rams all-out "win-now" moves of trading away so many high picks for a dominant collection of talent for a short window.

Let's assume pure talent evaluation (draft, FA, and pro player) is equalized across the league.
How do you attain sustainable success? Or do you not bother, and try to overload some years to maximize your chances for a short window? I thought of a few different aspects of this that might play into it:

How do you think about roster construction? Do you focus on buttressing weaknesses or building up overpowering strengths? Offense vs defense? Depth vs impact stars? Are there certain positions where you lean towards spending more of the cap, or where you tend towards drafting vs FA/trade? Rookies vs youth vs vets?

Do you prefer well-rounded players or specialists who are exceptional at one or two things? Does this differ by position?

How do you think about contracts? Distribution across the team, as well...

Pro Football HOF Class of 2022 and 2021 NFL Awards Thread - Seymour is in!

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Well done to our man, Richard Seymour! He makes it.



  • Tony Boselli
  • Leroy Butler
  • Richard Seymour
  • Dick Vermeil
  • Bryant Young
TJ Watt won DPOY, Cooper Kupp won OPPY, Rodgers is MVP, Andrew Whitworth a deserved WPMOY, our own Slates gets the Art Rooney Sportsmanship of the Year award. Vrabel gets Coach of the Year.

Joe Judge back to the Patriots

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One key position filled. Though not ST, an Offensive Assistant.

If we get BOB back as well, we'll be smoking.


The Most Significant Superbowl Ever Played Was 20 Years Ago Today, February 3rd 2002

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As the Superbowl approaches I am reminded of the greatest game I've ever seen, Superbowl 36. The 14 point underdog Patriots vs the dominant St. Louis Rams.

I bought the game on DVD off eBay as soon as I could. It was an ethical and legal gray purchase as the games are copyrighted but I threw integrity to the wind and bought it from a cop no less. I ripped it to my computer hard drive and have watched it at least a hundred times, many of them while smoking some ganja at night in bed on my way to the land of Nod. A brilliant game to watch to usher in a wonderful sleep and world of beautiful dreams.

That game, that day, that night stand out as the single best moment of my life. The company was superior, just my incredible soulmate and absolute love of my life. The hateful and tragic world changing events of 9/11/2021 were still fresh in our memories from several months earlier.

To open the game NFL greats in turn read the greatest, the most important, humanity freeing, earth moving...

Flores suing the Giants - Dramatic revelations

Bungles/Rams Superb Owl

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Anyone but the chefs

How does Mac Jones compare with other QB's?

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Ja'Marr Chase was the best rookie in the NFL this season. In terms of individual production, impact on team's win/losses, and future potential, Chase is way ahead of all other rookies on offense. Micah Parsons similarly on defense.

Statistically Mac Jones had a better year than all other rookie quarterbacks. He also had the best supporting cast and best coaching staff of any rookie quarterback. Trey Lance gets an incomplete so I'm essentially excluding him. Davis Mills gets an honorable mention for his performance with the worst supporting cast of any rookie quarterback. I also think the Patriots may have been better off if they had traded up to select Micah Parsons and then selected Kyle Trask or Mills with their subsequent pick. Although in that scenario they're probably losing out on Barmore. Still, Parsons looks like he'll be terrorizing opposing quarterbacks for the next decade at least. And I like Trask's potential from the second tier 2021 draft prospects at quarterback...

Thank you to Ivan Fears, Patriots Legend!

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Thought I'd give him a shout out. He's been here longer than Bill, started coaching the receivers in 91, left for the Bears for a short time and then returned in 99.

A key part of the Patriots success, his popularity in the locker room is immense. It sounds like he's retiring, so the best of luck to him if he does and sincere thanks from all Patriot fans. He has 6 SB rings to remember.

Bill on Ivan.
“Ivan’s meant a lot,” head coach Bill Belichick said. “He really is the ultimate team player. One of the most unselfish people I’ve ever known, works very hard, is totally committed to the team, loves football, loves coaching football, loves being a part of the team and helping the team in any way. … He’s been a great friend, great coach, great part of this organization, and had a lot to do with our success.”

Tom Brady:
“Ivan is an amazing coach and an amazing mentor,” Brady told The Providence Journal. “Ivan always had his players prepared — running backs or...

Wildcard Game. Traveling back to Buffalo

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I wanted The Chargers. A west coast team, not a division rival, traveling to a cold-weather stadium. But, the story plays out better if it's this particular division rivalry. Here are the advantages as I see them.

Coaching - Pats. This is a no-brainer.McD is a good coach but he's not the GOAT.
QB - Bills. Sorry, but Mac is a mediocre QB. Only in NE, does anyone think otherwise. Allen brings the intangibles. His arm, his legs and his ability to sacrifice himself.
Offense - Even. NE has the ability to break big runs, Buffalo can hit big passes and as Allen goes, the offense goes with him. Both teams are inconsistent. For the Bills, that means play-calling. Daboll has not gotten past calling ridiculous plays at ridiculous times.
Defense - Even. These are two top-tier defenses and both will refuse to give in to the other team.
Other - Pats. The Bills have a bad habit of getting in their own head and I think NE will bring more of a "been there"...

Week 18 Dolphins Gamete thread

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This is it, the last regular season game of the 2021 season.
We blew the first game with the Fins by fumbling on what was the go ahead drive. That hurt us for playoff seeding.
Even if the Patriots have nothing to gain by the time the game starts, they should go all out for win #11.
Brian will have his team ready to play, even though they are out of playoff contention.
Jump out to a big lead by the beginning of the 4th, then we can take the starters out.

Pats game in Miami Flexed to 4:25

Congratulations to the Patriots - Playoff Bound!

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Heck of a job by Bill, his assistant coaches and all the players.

Unreal to be 10-6 after last season. The QB is in place, some great FA picks up and draftees, the future is bright. Too early maybe for a SB run but if we win in Miami next week we'll have momentum.

Just to be in the playoffs is huge.