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Rd 6, Pick 22 (200) Sam Roberts, DL Northwest Missouri State

#183 - Kevin Harris, RB, South Carolina

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Another RB? Okay, I'm confused.

Pats 4th Round Pick #137 Bailey Zappe QB Western Kentucky

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Billy is 6-1 220. Spent 3 years at Houston Baptist before transferring to W Kentucky.

Pick 127 Pierre Strong Jr. RB South Dakota St.

Pick 121 Jack Jones CB ASU

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Welcome to the Patriots Jack Jones
Was a 5 star recruit at USC. Was academically ineligible and was dismissed for breaking into a Panda Express. Must have really wanted an egg roll.
Went to Jr College and then ASU.

A Draft and Career Look Back at Ellis Hobbs, Logan Mankins, and Bethel Johnson

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Reflecting post-draft, it seems the Patriots rolled back the clock and drafted analagous players from 17 years ago. Problem is it might be more reminiscent of the decade-long drought period as opposed to any of the dynasty years. By the way what was Matt Patricia doing so involved in the war room? I feel uneasy knowing he was there and then see we went OG and WR first knowing he is now involved on OLine and offense.
I wonder if Groh/Wolf played second fiddle to BB/Patricia this time given how much this draft smelled like an old BB Patriots type draft (not the good kind).

Draft and career look back:

1. Logan Mankins, analagous to Cole Strange.
Mankins was drafted in the late first round in 2005 to the bewilderment of many. Tough, aggressive, nasty LG. Became a 6 time all pro. Was taken before SF was going to get him. Never won a ring, the Pats went to the Superbowl twice and lost. Mankins left and the Patriots won rings after, in part due to adding Thuney +...

Pats 2nd Round #50 Pick -- Tyquan Thornton

Rd 1, #29 - Cole Strange, IOL, Chattenooga

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Per request of El Jefe Payaso...discuss.

Maybe try to keep it civil?

In Celebration Of Bill Belichick, Mac Jones and the NE Patriots

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After a historic run with Tom Brady at QB, it's time to transition to QB1 Mac Jones Bill Belichick's NE Patriots.
The blocked videos are definitely worth watching.

Let's GO!

Getting to know Mac

The 'experts' had some really bad takes on Mac pre-draft. Mac surprised them.

The draft is set and Mac is our QB1

24 Year Old Dwayne Haskins Killed

"Positionless Football"

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So this is a phrase I've heard come up a few times, I think exclusively in the context of the back 7-8 in the defense. Presumably this means a lot of CB/S hybrids, LB/S hybrids, CBs who are strong against the run, coverage backers, and ability to bring pressure from a wide variety of positions apart from the 2-3 interior linemen.

Mills and Bryant both fit as CB/S hybrids, and McCourty in a pinch, though not as much now as 7-8 years ago, for sure.
Dugger and Peppers both fit as LB/S hybrids, and you can maybe throw Phillips into that box as well.
The name of our new fast, coverage LB escapes me ATM, but he strikes me as a move in this direction as well.
We know Peppers and Bryant both have skills rushing the passer from DB spots.

Anyone know anything about this schematically? Is it primarily a matter of obscuring the QB's read for as long as possible (increasing the uncertainty around who will have what responsibility) or is there a greater schematic framework that I should know...

Patriots get Devante Parker (Merged)

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Just announced.

In exchange for late round draft compensation pick.

Jabril peppers signs a 1yr Deal with Pats

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High Celling IMO

Malcolm Butler Signed, Returning to Patriots for 2 Years

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Malcolm Butler back on the Patriots. 2 year deal. This is why you never burn bridges. We'll see what he can still do and how much athleticism is left. He might be an okay role player and he certainly knows the system.

Will always love Malcolm Butler for the most miraculous play in Superbowl history. The Patriots do not have a ring without his incredible INT at the goal line.

Apologies to the mods if this should be merged into the excellent off-season thread. Felt it warranted its own thread discussion.


Tyreek Hill traded to Miami Dolphins from Kansas City Chiefs

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Tyreek Hill has permission to seek trade.....

Trent Brown is back

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Just heard that the Patriots have signed Trent Brown to a 2 year contract.

Patriots Offensive Line Situation

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The Patriots had a good offensive line in the midpoint of the season. What should they do moving forward?

1. Wynn was below average / mediocre all year. What a crappy contract at 11M/yr. Wynn is either injured all the time, or playing but mediocre. Wynn played guard in college for 3 years, let's move this bust to guard. He's not a left tackle.

2. Onwenu has been a top10 NFL right tackle now for 2 years in a row, and was bad at left guard this past season. Watch them do the dumb thing and force-fit Onwenu back at guard, probably right guard to replace Mason. Nevermind RT is such a valuable spot and Onwenu was an elite RT for 2 years already.

3. Trent Brown has always been an injury-prone right tackle. Meanwhile Scarr in 2018 put Trent Brown at left tackle where he started all year and the Patriots won a championship (their last championship) with Trent Brown dominating at left tackle. Here's a revolutionary thought, how about signing and playing Trent...

Patriots sign CB Terrence Mitchell

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We have signed CB Terrence Mitchell from Houston.

Shaq mason traded to Bucs

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Only got a 5th back.

Winovich traded to Cleveland

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We get LB Mack Wilson in the trade.

Wilson is another Bama boy.