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Stevenson dislocated thumb

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Damn. Bad timing....the team seem optimistic though he can still play on Sunday.

Shit Pats fans say: 2021 Season Preview

RIP Sam Cunningham

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Just saw this on PFT:

Sam was one of my favorite all-time Patriots.

Of the Patriots 3x Super Bowl Champions, who makes it into the HOF?

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We have multiple players who earned 3 rings with the Patriots in the 2014, 2016, and 2018 seasons. Some of them may still be active, and still have a chance to increase their ring count and / or overall candidacy, but nonetheless it seemed like a fine time to review and speculate. I'll break it down by position group (kinda), and will also include honorable mentions if anyone earned 2 with the Patriots and earned a 3rd elsewhere. I have not looked at the 2001-2004 Patriots to review who has and hasn't made it in, and argue over who still deserves a spot but doesn't have one yet. That may be the next thing I tackle, but certainly if anyone wants to draw comparisons to the results of that group to argue over how likely it is that player X from the latest run, obviously that's perfectly valid and any insights on that end would be appreciated. Without further ado!

Not going to mention he who must not be named, for a ton of reasons. Most importantly, because he adds absolutely...

“It’s True” – Rich Eisen on Brady’s Criticism of NFL’s ‘Defenseless Player’ Rules

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I hope that it's OK to post this in the main section and not the Brady one, because I think the discussion isn't so much about Tom but the wider issue of player safety and the changing face of penalization in the NFL.


From a football standpoint I agree with Brady 100%. I think that it's the offense's responsibility to protect their players from being hit by the defense, not only for safety but also for simple ball security.

But, from a human standpoint I've moved past my desire to see big hits. I'd much rather see solid, fundamental tackling. Bring a guy down without trying to kill him. I don't like seeing anyone get hurt whether it be from my team or other teams, especially with big hits to the head. And I freely admit that I have enjoyed this type of play in the past, and that there is a part of me that still does...

RIP David Patton

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Died yesterday in a motorcycle accident. RIP .

Cam Newton released!

Patriots 2021 cuts, signings, and practice squad

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Thought we could use a new thread to track the cuts the Patriots need to make. Quite a few by Tuesday I believe.

Game Day (Kinda!) Preseason Game 3 - NYG

30 years ago, the preseason game that ruined an entire aeason

CB Shaun Wade?

Michel traded to the Rams!

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Sony is gone for two late-round conditional draft picks.

Mac Jones Is Our QB1

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This may be a little premature but it's PFF's call not mine.

Those of us who beat the drums for Mac Jones pre-draft are to be congratulated for seeing through the arguments against him. The talent and coaching at Bama made it tough but Mac made the throws on his own. I'm pretty sure we got this right and today PFF is in full agreement.

Man, that didn't take long!

I'm loving that both Cam and Mac are playing as well as could have been imagined and are also competing/playing so well together. How does BB keep either QB out of games the way they are playing?
by Sam Monson of PFF (yeah, the same guy who claimed TFB was done back in 2014 or whenever it was)

"Much of the pre-draft scouting process was focused on what Jones couldn’t do. Very little time was spent analyzing what he actually excelled at, which is a shame because his final campaign at Alabama last year was one of the finest college seasons ever seen....

Preseason Game 2 - Pats vs Eagles Aug. 19, Thurs. 7:30PM

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This may be the game that allows BB to decide on the starting QB. The Eagles D is good. This should be a good test for our offense.



PHILADELPHIA — Mac Jones will be the Patriots’ starting quarterback in 2022.

This week should determine whether Jones can become the...

Do we already have a QB controversy on our hands?

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Mac is Cam spelled backwards. Pretty fitting for the QB controversy that is brewing in Beantown.

Mac Jones received a standing ovation on Thursday night, an ovation most thought would be reserved for Patriots former legendary QB, Tom Brady when he comes back to Foxboro on October 3 as a Tampa Bay Buc and defending champion. But no, this ovation was for a QB from Alabama who had never played a down in the NFL and it was the first preseason game in a 3-0 game!

Why such a rukus you ask?

Look no further than a Patriots fanbase clamoring for greatness again from a QB who looks eerily familiar to the former Pats QB who helped deliver six championships over the past two decades. He wears #10 (not #12) but don't let that fool you. He walked into the huddle like he was #12, in compete command, with veteran-like composure. He stepped to the line with an ease in his walk, called out the defense, barked at his receivers, took the snap and delivered precision passes to receivers most fans...

Peyton, Brady, Mac and Greatness

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The debate raged for years during the most bitter and beautiful rivalry I've seen in professional football, who was better Manning or Brady. The focus was mainly on the players to a good degree as it should be but there many other factors that play into this debate

I have heard many wonder if Peyton would have been considered far greater than Tom had he had a great defense.

I think not.

From seeing it up close and personal for over 20 years I think it is the fundamental difference is in organizational philosophy, not just the defense.

The team of Kraft and Hoodie are second to none in NFL history. This organization just bleeds and breeds success flowing from its fundamental principles.

Bill, I assert afforded Brady the environment, coaches, and direction to develop and he handled him to perfection, it's what he does, gets the most out of all his players.

That takes nothing away from Tom cuz it was on him to develop in that situation. It was his heart, fire, and driven...

Upgrades to Gillette this year.

Pregame thread - Patriots vs Washington (Preseason game 1) Thursday, 8/12/21, 7:30pm

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I know it's a bit early for a game Thread, but I'm more excited for preseason this year than ever. And I saw Rivera said he is playing the starters.


Bobby Bowden passes away at 91 years old.

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I only make this thread because of the memories I have because of this man. Yes he was the coach of the college that I loved. And most times celebrity deaths don't move the needle for me. This one hits different due to the fact that my Dad loved this man. And I can't remember Bobby without remember my dad and tons of Saturdays sitting with him watching the Noles play. RIP Bobby Bowden.