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  • Don't know if I posted this before or not, but I have a friend who worked with Johnny Most's son and the guy wasn't shy about telling stories about his old man. So, he allegedly had a woman in every port the Celts visited and as this particular story goes-- the players were hanging out in a room together and Johnny was in the adjoining one getting romantic and he was not at all quiet about it. So, they are holding their sides laughing listening to him go "Ohhhhhh, BABY!!!!you are ONE HOT MOMMA!!!!" and so forth, right through the wall. Johnny liked to get McFilthy and McNasty.
    Thanks for the positive rep Tommy. Waddle has been so key for this Oline with Cannon out this season. I am hopeful he plays Sunday. I have also been meaning to tell you from some time that I always enjoy your takes. You have one of the best football minds up here. I would rather read you than our media. lol.
    Thx for that. Guy looks like he's gearing up to hock the giantest loogie possible out of his nose. Disgusto - but can't look away! ROFL
    Donated $10 casino cash to you today for using "puppyshit soft defense" in a post.
    I feel bad for Denver fans. They have to be lashing out because they know this is pretty much their last shot at a SB victory.
    Look at the list of their free agents for the next year or two. Has to be depressing.
    I meant to mention that I also agree with the B+ assessment. He's still very good and a winner, but there are holes in his game that have opened up. It's got to be discussed regardless of the heresy aspect. Blaming every mistake he makes on something else is phucking ridiculous. He's human. I love listening to network guys watching him cough up an obvious furball and then dancing around the issue afraid to say anything negative. Last year Dierdorf said he was the best deep ball thrower in the league. No wonder he retired.
    Agreed. Although he seemed to get away with being a dick more than anyone else. But the question is: What finally forced his protector (Ani) to kick him to the curb for a time out? What did he say to who? Curiosity is killing me.
    I went out on exile out of frustration with the the tool (Midgar) only to come back and find him in the AA. What the hell happened? Too funny.
    So true, Tommy! I am a wreck for every single game! And here I thought I did such a good job masking it! lol
    I carry things in my head for a long time. ROFL That's why my husband never bothers to argue with me anymore. He knows that I'll be b*tching about it day after day until I decide to get over it.
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