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  • I couldn't resist busting his balls a little.
    I realize that. Failed attempt at humor. :(
    im about to be homeless joey, i feel your hobo pain

    and ill feel your butthole

    i go both ways
    Thanks; figured it was too good not to add; hope all is well
    joe why doesn't your name show up on posts???
    You neg repped me? I've never been neg repped!!! Ouch!!!!

    I'm pretty sure you were kidding. Good one, if you were. If you weren't - oh well. I'm the idiot.
    The Thought Police crack me up....
    Are the red ones good? :huh:
    "My" memorial day? WTF? r u talking about?
    Funny how many people are sending me msgs like yours! We are not alone!!
    ya know, this current AV you have --- the now infamous pierced nipple man-boob one --- looks even worse than the original now that it's smaller

    only YOU could pull this off ROFL
    you and pig have the same avatar now LOL
    Awe. Sum. Keep on keeping on...you crack me up.
    and a happy new year...:)
    merry christmas!!
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