Random Thoughts

Teddy Roosevelt died in Europe and was buried in Normandy France before being exhumed and relocated to be buried with family.

Hitler's nephew fought in the US military ( Navy IIRC)
When a man walks around wearing only a tee shirt that’s called Porky Piggy it.

,,,stolen from Andy Richter on Conan
California poppies and snails.
Been years, I don't know where they went around here.

Bird population dwindling too.

Ah progress I guess.
Camp Hale in Colorado was a military base created to train soldiers to fight in the snow for WW2.
At one point it housed Nazi POWs from the North Africa battles.
Story is that an American soldier was a Nazi sympathizer and arranged for a car for a couple of Nazis to escape. They made it across the border into Mexico until a farmer with a horse and cart saw them. Thought it was strange and reported them. They Mexican authorities caught the suspects and they were returned to base shortly thereafter.

Camp Hale is now a national monument or similar.