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  • I'm certainly not uncomfortable about racism. I'm also not uncomfortable about profiling. Both exist. Both are taken to the extreme in certain circumstances. However, I'm sick to death of hearing about how whites both profile and are racist. It works both ways. Period. They are not two of my favorite athletes. And while I appreciate your explanations, they would best be served on the board rather than in commentary to me personally.
    I hadn't heard that yet (I only catch parts and pieces of stuff). But also, confrontation does not equal aggressor (to me). If you were walking through my neighborhood and I did not know you and there has been a high rate of crime in that neighborhood. I might see where you go and maybe somehow bring up a conversation. To me, the illegal part begins when some assaults someone (the aggressor) or does something illegal.
    Wow, I'm soooo upset some dip shit called me baby dick, oh woe is me, woe is me. Dude, your being an idiot about the Coughlin shit. Either you are just trying to stir up shit or you really don't know a damn thing about football. The guy is a good coach, and it ends right there. He's not great, not by a long shot. Enjoy your crap team for the next few years. ;)
    ROFL, I know it is. It is not disturbing to see Ray and Debra in it. Rex and his wife, not so much.
    No problem on the neg rep. I know the verse, but Catholics have a much different interpretation of the Rapture than the Evangelical churches. After I posted that and the time to edit/delete had gone by, I regretted posting it. Making fun of the religious beliefs of another is not cool at all, and I shouldn't have done it. Total mea culpa, and I'm sorry if I offended you or anyone else.

    In fact, I'm kind of surprised I didn't get a strike/temp ban or whatever the procedure is now. I deserved it.
    I'm gonna have to pass this year. I'm cutting back as I was in WAY too many fantasy leagues last year
    No, I know, I am not sure why I kept saying seattle instead of miami. I guess cause I thought seattle was too high as well.
    Its no knock on Manning, its just the colts have a good team. I'm not sure why its not ok to say it. There is no team that can with one player, it does not exist. Now of course you put a bad Qb on the team, you guys get much worse, but the colts have great players, very good coaches and a system that has been in place for quite a while. I do not think the bottom falls out of the team as much as some when Manning hangs it up. The colts superbowl was a team effort if I ever saw one and it has to be, and that goes for any team.
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