2022 Suicide Pool


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Apr 22, 2007
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The 2022 Suicide Pool is officially open.

To recap the idea - each week each contestant is to pick one team which they believe will win. If that team does indeed win they advance to the next week. If that team loses or ties they are eliminated from the competition. A non-pick for any given week is considered a losing pick - so don't forget to get your pick in each week!

Here is the caveat - once you have picked a team, you cannot reuse it at any later point. Each week you must pick a team which you have not picked previously. This requires some strategic forethought and a thorough consideration of the entire schedule to ensure you can go the distance.

Each pick is to be formally and publicly announced in this thread prior to kickoff of the first game of each week here in this thread. I will be keeping track of the picks, making sure no one repeats a pick etc. Those who move on and those who are out will be posted each week. The last man or woman standing is the winner. There was no official winner last year.

1. In week 1 only, along with your pick, submit your guess of total regular season points scored by the Patriots. You may not use a number previously submitted by another contestant.
2. Pick one team that you "guarantee" will win that week.
3. You can only pick a team once during the season.
4. Your pick for the week is due in this thread by kickoff of the first game.
5. Post your pick in this thread.
6. I will acknowledge your pick. If I don't, it is because you are blocked. Tough shit.
7. Last one standing wins.
8. In the event of a tie after week 16, which has happened, all remaining contestants will submit their pick for week 17. In addition, they will pick the winner of every week 17 game. If the suicide pick doesn't decide the winner, all 16 picks will be tallied. The contestant with the most wins in week 17 will be declared the winner.
9. If a tie remains after the above, the winner will be decided by whoever in week 1 picked closest to the total points scored by the Patriots without going over.

Good luck and Go Pats!



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