Random Football News: 2023

i think that would be more indicative if divided by years played.
Good point. He played 22 years. More than all those other QBs right behind him. I believe Mahomes will pass him soon just off of his first big contract. Rodgers will pass him next year if he plays.
It would need to be adjusted for inflation and salary cap too. But it does show that Brady made a ton of absolute money.
It does but Brady was only ever the highest paid QB for one season in 2010 when he made $18 mil. Manning passed him in 2011 when he signed with Denver. For being the greatest QB ever with the most wins/stats, it is amazing that he was only the highest for one season but it was his choice too as he wanted Bill to be able to put players around him to win rings.
there's nothing out there that i can find after his statement.
I'm sure everyone is waiting on a court date, or for the prosecutor to quietly dismiss the charges.

It doesn't change we all saw with our own eyes.
Romo makes silly pronouncements during the game. I prefer a more analytical, serious caller. Olsen has been excellent, Herbie is my favourite and he has this great bridge between College and the Pros and he speaks with real in-depth knowledge. I do like Buck and Aikman I have to say, I know some don't, but Buck has a great voice for commentary and Aikman fits in really well with him.